Meeting Programs – 2016-2017

At each monthly meeting there is a presentation or demonstration by expert artists.

Each month from September through May, except for December, on the third Tuesday of the month there is an evening of socializing with artists of all media, informative and entertaining presentations by experts in their fields, critiques of member artworks, and competition for Artist of the Month.

5:30pm Member critique
Members bring a piece of art they want feedback about, or suggestions for improvement.
6:30  Happy hour
Enjoy a snack, view the exhibit, vote for artist of the month, buy a raffle ticket.
7:00  Business meeting
7:20 Final chance to vote for Artist of the month while presentation is set up.
7:30 Program presentation
8:45 Announcement of raffle winners, and Artist of the Month
9pm Meeting adjourned

Meeting Programs 2016-2017

January 17-Joanie Wolter-sculpting demo.

In this one day workshop, students will learn to work with fiber clay, and how to use armatures in sculptures. If time permits, Joanie will cover how to repair cracks and breaks through use of repair material. You will learn to dry finish your sculpted piece to make it look like a bronze sculpture. At the conclusion of the class you will have a completed sculpture! You don’t need to have sculpted before, or to have worked with clay to be successful. Just come ready to create and enjoy! Bring pictures of things you’d like to create!!!!  Bring ceramics tools if you have them. Work does not have to be fired.

Joanie Wolter was born and raised in Southern California.  She grew up in the city of Downey, then college at the University of California at Santa Barbara where she majored in Sociology.  She continued her education at Long Beach State and received a teaching credential in elementary education, and later a credential to teach math.  Her teaching career lasted 37 years, and she spent most of that time working with “at risk” students in alternative educational settings.

February 21 – Tessa Windt-Arts in Healthcare presentation

I believe working with older adults is an opportunity to build confidence and connections between people, through the act of making. When we work creatively together we can bridge the isolation so many older adults face, creating a potent context in which each participant is a vital contributor with a great deal to give and receive. I see my role as creating a pliable framework in which individual and collective art-making experiences occur and confidence and connection are nourished.

In 2009 visual artist Tessa Windt began engaging older adults creatively with the project Parcel Post, a 6-site community-based project in which 60 older adults living across the state of North Carolina collaborated on 60 artworks.
Windt has worked with the Mesa Arts Center since 2011 on their Creative Aging Engagement program, developing and coordinating visual arts projects with older adults at several sites around Mesa including Oakwood Creative Care. Projects commissioned by the Mesa Arts Center including Hand Made Story Lab, Words of Wisdom, In-the-Round, and most recently View, reconsider formal abstraction in relation to layering of material, creative process and the stories elicited by the process of making.

Since 2015 Windt has also been Artist-in-Residence for the Phoenix Art Museum’s Arts Engagement Program, a program for older adults with dementia and their caregivers, in addition to serving in the spring of 2016 as a mentor artist to the Teaching Artist Institute for the Arizona Commission on the Arts AZ Creative Aging Initiative.

March 21 – Cam DeCaussin-painting demo – Oil painting on Shellac

 Oil painting on shellac:

This hardware store product is a mainstay for most woodworkers, but has also been used by oil painters for centuries in one way or another. This resin created from the female lac bug is a beautiful painting surface. Since the advent of modern acrylic gesso, many of the historical techniques are no longer used. In this workshop, I will demonstrate the benefits to working on this slick yet sticky surface when it is applied to rigid panels and its many other uses.

Cam DeCaussin is a painter currently residing in Phoenix, AZ. His work is inspired by empty, quiet living spaces and their ability to express themes of solace, sadness, separation and contemplation. The influence of painter Edward Hopper and photographer Gregory Crewdson have had a great impact on his work. Cam comes from the small town of Marine City, MI and received his Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in illustration in 2010 from Grand Valley State University. Currently, he is in the Master’s of Fine Arts program studying painting and drawing at Arizona State University where he also teaches foundational drawing.

 April 18 – David L. Bradley-Reflections on Cuba presentation

In June 2016 David spent 8 days exploring the Arts and Culture of Cuba. His presentation will focus on how Cuba’s artists survive and thrive within the government’s restrictions.

May  16, 2017-Scholarship recipients’ presentation

Meet the recipients of this year’s scholarships, and hear them each describe how they created their artwork.  For more information on AAG’s scholarship program, click here.

PAST MEETINGS: 2016-2017

September  20-Justin Germaine-Art Marketing

Justin Germain introduces his freelance company Art(ist)serv, a proactive response to the growing need for professional services supporting artists in their careers.  He will explain the reasons behind his work, his goals, and what he does to help artists navigate the art business on their own terms using proven methods and tools to grow their careers.



October 18-Rossitza Todorova

Rossitza Todorova creates inspirations of space, memory and unfolding time. “My inspiration comes when I am in between thoughts, speeding between destinations, or drifting between dreams. I’m interested in how time, space and memory fold into one another, and the ambiguity of the time experienced while traveling and com-muting. During my artist talk I will talk about my progression form two dimensional work to installations and how the relationship between the two and three dimensional pushes my creativity.”

In my current work I layer bright colors and structural lines using printmaking, painting, book arts and drawing. Looping paths, and geometric structures brake up the flow of the compositional direction and perspective creating movement and motion that can be navigated by many visual paths. I explore the relationships between negative space and positive shape. Experimenting with color, opacity and translucency, each composition is pushed to convey an illusion of movement.

November 15 – Rachel Bess painting demo

“I make small, detailed oil paintings using traditional techniques. I am visually inspired by the figure and the complex textures in flesh, fabric, and glossy surfaces. The starting point for the ideas behind many of my paintings is the turmoil that is so often a part of the mortal experience. Whether this occurs between people, between people and their surroundings, or is strictly internal, the adventure of living is wrought with these conflicting moments of pride, fear, sadness, and hostility. Many of my paintings have a narrative quality, but the outward story is simply the visual mechanism that enables me to paint the tensions, heightened moods, and rich detail in the subjects.”

For her program presentation, Rachel will show a powerpoint of her work to show the different stages of the process, show examples from her studio, then set up a small still life, and start an underpainting.

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