2017-2018 Guild School of Art Workshops

The AAG Guild School of Art offers its members an up close and personal way to decide which workshops they want to attend. Guild members and their guests will meet the artists and view their art prior to the workshop at our monthly meetings. This year, our monthly program speakers, along with our current president, will be conducting workshops. Be sure to attend the AAG general meetings to get a taste of the presenting artist’s style and medium, in addition to finding out what’s in store for the workshop.  Additionally, click on each presenters’ name to go to their website.

Tess Mosko Scherer | Social Media Demystified | monthly program | 2018 dates to be announced |  10:00 am  – 1:00 pm

The Intro to Social Media workshop facilitated by Tess Mosko Scherer on October 27 was met with such appreciation and success that the participants requested a regular program.   Launched on Nov 1, 2017,  Social Media Demystified will be held monthly.  There are a few spaces available on Dec 1, 2017.  Space is limited as this is a hands-on program.  Participants are invited to bring their laptop, tablet, or smart phone prepared with images and information to post on social media.  Posting, creating events, sharing, boosting and other aspects of Instagram and Facebook, along with business tips and marketing strategies will be covered.  You can register by emailing info@arizonaartistsguild.net or online through the website.  Each session runs from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.  2018 dates to be announced.

Cost: AAG members: $35  |non-members: $45

Tess Mosko Scherer-Intro to Social Media

Tess Mosko Scherer | Selling from the H.E.A.R.T | Friday, Jan 12, 2018 | 10-4

This is an introductory workshop to a selling style developed by Tess Mosko Scherer during her 30 years of art sales. Using the acronym HEART Mosko Scherer has developed an art sales style that will:
-help artists understand and identify the significant aspects of their personal History that informs their art or identity as an artist
-to realize the Emotional response evoked by their work
-to articulate the Aesthetics of the work, and help guide others through the work
-understand their personal Reasons for doing the work, and continuing to show up day after day
-to convey the Techniques or methodology that is uniquely theirs.

Putting all those pieces together they learn to talk with different personality types and sell their work more effectively – be it to collectors directly or to galleries.

This workshop is for you if you are:
-not sure what to say when you have a potential client in front of you.
-find yourself just talking to fill the uncomfortable void
-are uncomfortable talking about yourself or your work
-are comfortable talking about your work, but don’t know how to lead the conversation to a sale

In this workshop you will
-understand the difference between talking for the sake of talking, and talking for selling.
-gain insight into your selling style and how to work with different personalities
-remove the ‘slimy salesperson’ stigma you attach to selling
-debunk the limiting beliefs or behaviors you have about selling
-overcome fear of selling your work

Tess Mosko Scherer owned and operated Scherer Gallery, a contemporary art gallery, for 30 years. She entered the gallery scene unexpectedly at 19 years old. Dealing with a sophisticated, successful, and often intimidating clientele, Mosko Scherer had to quickly learn how to overcome the obstacles of her youth and inexperience to build a successful business.

In this workshop Mosko Scherer will share her H.E.A.R.T. approach to selling, giving you the tools to direct a sales conversation with confidence and clarity.  This is an opportunity to become your best sales force, without feeling like the ‘slimy used car salesperson’. You will leave this workshop with a solid set of tools to approach your art sales in a way that is comfortable for you, and in alignment with who you are.

Cost: AAG members: $65  |non-members: $75

Tess Mosko Scherer-Selling from the HEART


 Travis Ivey | Painting From Photographs | Friday, March 16, 2018 | 10-4 pm

Travis Ivey aka “HANK” has been working as a professional artist for over ten years in Wyoming and Arizona. His oil paintings present a candid view of the contemporary western landscape, often incorporating drilling rigs and freight trains and other ecological affects of the energy industry.

In this workshop, he will be providing his approach to using photographs as a tool for representing the landscape when plein air painting and drawing are not available, or when trying to capture the fleeting light of dawn and dusk.

Materials needed for this workshop include, oil color, odorless turpentine, small to medium sized canvas or canvas board, and your choice of brushes. -“I will be using a variety of flats, filberts and a #2 rigger for the finer details.”

Cost: AAG members: $65  |non-members: $75

Travis Ivey – Painting from Photographs


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