Community Outreach

Part of the mission of the Arizona Artists Guild is to provide access to art for the community. This access takes the form of art instruction through workshops, critiques, and exhibitions, both at AAG and elsewhere.

AAG recognizes the value of the arts in how it enriches lives. Guild members relate stories about how their lives were changed through their own exposure to Fine Art at an early age, or later in life when they could reveal a life long urge that had to be repressed until family and career obligations were paid off.

Veteran’s Art Outreach Program    In recognition of the sacrifice made in service to our country, AAG has created a program to provide free art instruction for Veterans of US military service. This program meets on the fourth Saturday of the month to instruct and inspire. Email for more information.

Visions of Possibilities Fine Arts Exhibition
AAG Community Service Project  at  Beatitudes
The Visions of Possibilities exhibition rotates quarterly.
Invited AAG juried artists display their choice of artwork.


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