September 2017

Welcome Back!

I write this from Mystic Connecticut while visiting with my family.  It has been a welcomed reprieve from the Arizona heat.  It’s raining.  I find myself missing the majesty of Arizona monsoons and home.  As I contemplate the weather and the contrasts between the two states, I begin to think about AAG and the storms that had been weathered over 90 years.  By weathering storms we find our strengths and that is what sustained us for 90 years.

This summer I have been honored to work with AAG’s leadership team planning the upcoming year.  What an extraordinary group of people we have volunteering at AAG. I am impressed by the vision, integrity, and dedication of each.  The sharing of ideas and creativity was met with laughter and camaraderie. Although it was a lot of time and energy, we have planned an extraordinary year ahead.  I hope you, reader, will partake in as many of the opportunities we have created.

We will kick this year off with the 90th Anniversary exhibition at Sky Harbor Museum. AAG will host a virtual reception on October 22 at AAG.  It will be our first Virtual Reception with a slide show of the exhibit as Airport Regulations prohibit a reception on site.  If you are traveling between October and May, be sure to add time to visit the show in terminal 4.

Our first meeting of the season is on Tuesday, September 19. It’s a meeting not to be missed, with a robust agenda outlining the plans and giving a financial overview of AAG. Join us for a reception for last years’ Artists of the Month and Year.  We will end the meeting with a presentation by husband and wife, Roy Wasson Valle and Koryn Woodward Wasson.  The energetic and engaging couple have created an interactive program that is sure to inspire and delight.

Lots of exciting news will be shared at the meeting, however, noteworthy, the Statewide Exhibition is back! Our orphan show has found a home at the ArtsHQ in Surprise.  ArtsHQ is a professionally run public gallery that is staffed and operated by experts in the field.  It is a wonderful opportunity and partnership for AAG.

In addition to our programs, workshops, exhibitions, the ARTSTAVAGANZA, and plethora of other activities, the year has been designed to be creative, fun, and inspiring through the sharing of new experiences and ideas.

Save the date – December 8!  The ARTSTRAVAGANZA will have glass blowing, raku ceramics, 3D printing, and alcohol ink projects on different surfaces, along with a buffet dinner and drinks.  I am really excited to have such diverse artistic experiences at AAG!

I am excited about the year and look forward to seeing you at AAG.


Tess Mosko Scherer | President, Arizona Artists Guild | 928-300-7185


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