Current and Previous Scholarship Winners

2016 Scholarship Recipients

February 29, 2016

Arizona Artists Guild is pleased to announce that it has awarded $7,000 in Visual Arts Scholarships for the 2016 year. Begun in 1993 the AAG Scholarship Program has given over $100,000.00 to university enrolled, full-time fine art students in the State of Arizona.  Award recipients receive scholarship money deposited directly into the student’s college bursar account. In addition, they receive a one-year Arizona Artists Guild membership, and participate in a group exhibition of their work at the prestigious Shemer Art Center and Museum in Phoenix.


This year’s scholarship exhibition will be curated by 2015 scholarship recipient, Zachary Valent. Valent was awarded the 2015 Guest Curator Award which provides a fantastic opportunity to be the sole curator of the award exhibition. Funding for this award is given by Shemer Art Center and Museum through financial contributions made by the Roney Family Foundation.   The exhibition, titled, New Art in Arizona run from March 17 – April 28, 2016.
Shemer Art Center is located at 5005 E. Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85018.  You can visit the exhibit during regular hours or join us for a reception on March 17 from 6-8pm.  For more information on Shemer Art Center and Museum visit

Recipient’s Presentations:
Each award recipient will give a 10 – 15 minute presentation of their work on May 17 at Arizona Artists Guild, located at 18411 N 7th Avenue, Phoenix. Come see what kind of new work student artists are working on! There will be a chance to mingle and meet the artists and the curator after the presentations. We hope to see you there!!


2016 was an historic year, marking a record number of applications from community colleges, undergraduate and graduate students. This made the juror’s work most challenging not only because of the volume of applicants but also due to the innovation, quality and artistic expression of the works submitted.  Congratulations to all who submitted!


This year’s scholarship recipients are:
Chris Vena | Marigold Linton Scholarship Award  $1600. | ASU – painting


Camila Galofre | Arizona Artists Guild President’s Scholarship Award  $1400. | ASU-MRA – painting/drawing


Hanna Irene Walsh | Ruth Magadini Scholarship Award  $1000. | ASU – MFA drawing/painting


Randall (Cam) DeCaussin | Erin O’Dell Scholarship Award  $1000. | ASU – Painting


John Tuomisto-Bell | Arizona Artists Guild Scholarship Award  $1000. | ASU – Sculpture


Jace Becker | Arizona Artists Guild Scholarship Award  $1000. | ASU – photography


2015 Scholarship Winners

Jonah Amadeus Skurky-Thomas- Ceramics: Arizona Artists Guild Scholarship

Travis Rice – Drawing and Painting: Marigold Linton Scholarship Award

Zachary John Valent- Sculpture: Erin O’Dell Scholarship Award

Courtney Richter- Fibers: Ruth S Magadini Scholarship Award

Dani Godreau- Drawing and Painting: Diane Maxey Scholarship Award



Arizona Artists Guild- Previous Scholarship Winners

2014 Winners:

Elizabeth Redmond Odiorne, $1,000 Erin O’Dell Award – Fibers

Shiyuan XU, $500 Bollinger Sculpture Award – Ceramics

Shiyuan XU, $1,000 Ruth S Magadini Award – Ceramics

Thad Trubakoff, $2,650 Mary Lou Harvey Award – Woods

Andrew (AJ) Nafziger, $1,500 Marigold Linton Award – Painting/Drawing

Wen-Dan Lin, $1,000 Arizona Artists Guild Award– Ceramics

Shemer Art Center Guest Curator Position, $1000- Colleen Donohoe, Printmaking

2013 Winners:

Madison N Creech, $3,000 Gerry Grout Award – Fibers

Kelly R O’Briant, $2,450 Diane Maxey Award – Ceramics

Jenny M Day, $1,550 Arizona Artists Guild Award – Painting

Allyson K Glowacki, $1,000 Ruth S. Magadini Award – Painting

Heather Couch, $1,000 Erin O’Dell Award – Ceramics

Heather Couch, $1,000 Shemer Art Center Guest Curator Position – Ceramics


2012 Winners:

Tristyn Bustamante, $2,000 Arizona Artists Guild Award – Ceramics

Jacob Fischer, $2,000 Gerry Grout Award – Drawing and Painting

Yoni Pozner, $1,000 Gerry Grout Award – Digital Arts and Film

Sarah Rowland, $1,000 Ruth S. Magadini Award – Drawing and Painting


2011 Winners:

Kathleen Scott Moore, $1,500 Arizona Artists Guild Award – Printmaking

Julia Jones, $1,000 Gerry Grout Award – Painting and Drawing

Kelsey Wiskirchen, $1,000 Gerry Grout Award – Fibers

Benjamin William Phillips, $1,000 Ruth S. Magadini Award and

$500 Arizona Artists Guild Award – Sculpture


2010 Winners:

Angela Young, $1,000 Gerry Grout Award – Printmaking

Judd Schiffman, $1,000 Arizona Artists Guild Award – Painting

Andrea Jensen, $1,000 Ruth S. Magadini Award – Painting

Chad Gunderson, $1,000 Gerry Grout Award – Ceramics


2009 Winners:

Eleanor Richards,  $1,000 Gerry Grout Award – Sculpture

Olivia Timmons, $1,000 Gerry Grout Award – Printmaking

Terri Krallitsch, $1,000 Ruth S. Magadini Award – Painting

Shelly Flores,  $1,000 Arizona Artists Guild Award  – Photography


2008 Winners:

Gwyneth Scally, $1,000 Ruth S. Magadini Award – Painting & Sculpture

James Coquia, $1,000 Arizona Artists Guild Award  – Ceramics

Gazelle Samizay, $1,000 – Digital Media

Tina M. Notaro, $1,000 – Sculpture


To view the Image Gallery of previous winner work and for selection by

Guest Curator applicants click here.

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