Meetings | Sept 2018 – May 2019

Each monthly meeting offers a presentation or demonstration by expert artists.

Join us on the third Tuesday of each month from September through May, except for December, for an evening of socializing with artists of all media, informative and entertaining presentations by experts in their fields, critiques of member artworks, and competition for Artist of the Month.

Overview of Meeting Timeline
5:30pm Member critique
Members bring a piece of art they want feedback about, or suggestions for improvement.
6:15  Enjoy a snack, view the exhibit, vote for artist of the month, buy a raffle ticket.
6:30  Business meeting
7:00 Program presentation
8:00pm Meeting adjourned

Meeting Programs 2018-2019


March 19, 2019: Presentation by the 2018 AAG Scholarship Recipients

Meet the recipients of this year’s scholarships, and hear them each describe how they created their artwork.  For more information on AAG’s scholarship program, click here.  Be sure to visit the exhibition New Art Arizona, featuring the 2018 AAG Scholarship Recipients artwork at Shemer Art Center and Museum, March 8 – April 5, 2018, with a reception for the artists March 8, 6:00 -8:00 PM.



April 16, 2019*:  David Flitner 

David Flitner has been making his living as an oil painter for over 30 years and considers himself on a lifetime journey of art exploration. Landscapes have always been David’s first artistic love.  He was a founding member of the Arizona Central Backpackers Association and backpacked in Arizona for over 15 years, deepening his appreciation and knowledge of the Arizona outback.

In his painting of a landscape, he internalizes the feeling of the scene to then make its translation into mood, color, and light.  He believes that one can paint abstract concepts, like ‘quiet’ and ‘peace,’ into a painting to enrich the viewer’s experience.  Dramatic light, a peaceful space, and a vastness to the depth of field all combine as romantic elements that distinguish his paintings.

He is a member of Oil Painters of America and Arizona Plein Air Painters. He studied at the University of Arizona and Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.  David has been represented by many fine art galleries and teaches landscape painting at the Scottsdale Artists’ School. He has done art demonstrations, judged art shows, and lead critiques for many Arizona venues and local art leagues.  David loves teaching because it gives him an opportunity to pass on information he’s acquired over the years.                                                (

*Hal Stewart has been cancelled.

May 21, 2019:  Outreach Programs Exhibition and Reception
A presentation by Co-Chairs of the AAG Outreach Programs and exhibition of the AAG/Paradise Valley Community College Veterans Ceramic Class.  AAG Outreach Programs Chairs include: Karen Weingartner, David L Bradley, Patrice Al-Shatti, Lisa Wayman, Mark Woehrle, and Tess Mosko Scherer.

The AAG/Paradise Valley Community College Veterans Ceramic Class was made possible from a grant from Phoenix Office of Art and Culture, and supported by Paradise Valley Community College, Arizona Artists Guild and Marjons Ceramics.
The Mosaics Program was made possible from a grant from Arizona Commission of the Arts
The Survivors of Suicide Class was made possible through collaboration and a grant from Your Art Your Story.

Previous Meetings:

September 18, 2018: Mark Christopher

Mark Christopher was an artist before he ever claimed the name. His journey to creating and teaching art was a leap of faith that began in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan, where he originally planned to pursue a career in physics. In 2011, he followed his true calling to be a full-time artist into the Arizona desert. Since then, he’s committed to his explosive passion for painting, drawing, teaching, and unbridled self-expression.

For Mark, art is as much about aesthetics as it is about supporting the well-being of his community. His soul-driven representations of people and nature are designed to infuse homes, workplaces, and other public spaces with the spirit of unshakable inner peace. As an art teacher, Mark honors each student for their individuality and their vision, while promoting a clear understanding of artistic technique. From novices to seasoned artists, Mark strives to inspire anyone with the desire to create.  More

October 16, 2018: Nancy Christy-Moore

Education at Columbia College, Columbia, Missouri, the American Academy of Art in Chicago, and Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles led me into teaching and exhibiting my original paintings for the past thirty-plus years. Classes with highly acclaimed water media artists in southern California during the early ’80’s influenced both my painting and teaching styles which I pass on in classes and workshops along with newly acquired insights and techniques.

My unique signature style of “Inner Painting” develops my colorful contemporary art from within on a subconscious level and reflects my love of horses, florals and energetic, free-flowing colors. My horse series results from a lifetime love of horses and speaks to the power and energy I connect with when painting them. My florals and abstracts reveal my underlying romance with color combinations and subtleties of texture. I have had over 20 solo exhibits, with two in Japan.  More

November 20, 2018: Pat Stacy
The artist Andrew Hamilton wrote: “The tip of your brush is the tip of your soul”—and so it is for me.
My work is colorful, and abstract, with a Southwest feel.  Symbols in my work reflect my belief in life beyond what I see, and my gratitude for life itself. A symbol for the light of the Creator coming into the painting may be found in all of my later work as a token of my gratitude.  I work in acrylic and mixed media on canvas, paper, and wood, letting texture and experimentation help the work take me where it needs to go. My greatest pleasure is when my work resonates with a client creating that bond of understanding that only art can give.  More


January 15, 2019: Tess Mosko Scherer
Tess Mosko Scherer has a diverse background in the arts.  She co-founded Scherer Gallery in 1983 representing national and international contemporary artists; was the Artistic Director of Shemer Art Center and Museum from 2015-2017; and was named one of the ‘100 Creatives’ by the Phoenix New Times in 2016. Since 2012, she has served on the board of the Arizona Artists Guild as secretary, then treasurer, and currently, President. In addition to her studio practice, Mosko Scherer has a private practice coaching and mentoring artists.  She is a member of several art organizations including the Sonoran Arts League, Art Link, Art Intersection and eye lounge collective galley.  Her work is represented by Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery, Prescott, and has won several awards in juried shows in Arizona.

In May and June 2018, Mosko Scherer facilitated a program on leadership to college students for the World Academy for the Future of Women. While there she also facilitated art experiences to residents of local and remote villages on behalf of WAFW program called give Voice to Women through the Arts.  This program was made possible from a grant from the US State Department.  This experience is the topic of her presentation.   More

February  19, 2019: Lacey Shelton
Lacey Shelton’s work is inspired by nature, particularly birds and other delicate creatures, as well as things that are mechanical and shiny, such as typewriters, street signs,& bikes. “I enjoy bringing these elements together by thoughtfully balancing them as the foreground subjects in a painting. The subjects appear to float and are showcased apart from their natural setting to simplify their formal beauty, along with communicating a conceptual theme. My abstract backgrounds allow the foreground subjects to breathe, in that they are not tightly rendered, nor realistic, but they set a stage for another kind of environment. Juxtaposing the realistic subjects with the abstract backgrounds gives the work a modern tone on a colorful, vivid plane. I paint primarily in oil, but also enjoy acrylic, watercolor, and printmaking.

The conceptual ideas behind my work range from whimsical to thought provoking and spiritual. Living life abundantly characterizes the underlying meaning behind my work. Birds & butterflies represent this element of abundant life to me because these simple beauties are around us all of the time; if we pay attention, these little gifts can turn into heavenly moments in time to really capture, contemplate, & savor. Time stands still, the atmosphere changes, & gratitude floods your heart, when we behold, heaven reaching earth– these are the moments I paint. I appreciate painting delicate things, sparrows and wrens, to highlight their sometimes overlooked beauty. The wing of a butterfly, for example, in all is intricacies, fascinates me. Adding an element of life, a butterfly, a person, a bird, makes the painting come alive. My vision is to bring the viewer to this deeper sense of beauty all around, even in things seen everyday, & uncover true beauty within.”


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