Honoring Josie Taglienti






Yesterday I was privileged to honor Josie Taglienti with a Distinguished Member Award for Outstanding Leadership as Chair of Life Drawing.  Josie, an AAG icon, has been around longer than she or I could remember.  Josie was the first person I spoke with at the first AAG meeting I attended.  We squirreled ourselves away in the back studio and talked art, AAG and shared one another’s stories.  Apprehensive of joining the guild, she immediately put me at ease with her gentle nature and warmth.  We have been connected ever since.  I attended life drawing for a long time, chaired the figurative group, and then continued to work closely with Josie when I was treasurer and in my presidency.

Josie set her mind to create a warm environment for life drawing. She wanted attendees to feel at home.  Her Italian heritage dictates that she feed people.  Josie succeeded in nourishing us in body, mind, and spirit.  From the morning spread in the kitchen, to the encouragement she provided, Josie not only succeeded but surpassed her vision.  The artistic growth and expression of ‘the regulars’ is testament to her achievements.

Too many years to count went by in the blink of an eye.  Yesterday, Josie stepped down in a teary farewell.  Finally, we will be able to nourish and encourage her as she makes her way to an easel and joins the group in art making – leaving the stewardship of the group to another (for now it well be Barry Farmer and myself).

With gratitude and a humble heart,


Tess Mosko Scherer
Presidnet, Arizona Aritsts Guild

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