Arthur Norby | Workshop Materials List

Sculpture  Worhshop |  TBA

25lb block of wet clay (red stoneware or white stoneware with or without grog)

Available Reynolds Advanced Materials, 1727 E. Weber Drive, Tempe 85281,
or any other supply stores and on Amazon.

Sculpting tools – bring what you  have (if you don’t have any, some will be supplied for class time use)
Wood Slab 12″ x 12″ (plywood or masonite) OR a turntable about the same size (at Home Depot)
Plastic Bucket for water, and also can be used to carry:
Tools, Hand-towel, Water Spray Bottle, Wire Cutters, Plastic kitchen-size Trash bag

(Let Carmen Timm know if you need assistance in acquiring supplies)


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