AAG Sculptors Group

The Sculptors Group consists of professional and amateur sculptors working in a variety of media. The Group serves as a forum for sculptors to exchange ideas and technical information about 3-dimensional art. All AAG members are welcome to participate if you are interested in sculpture; whether it is your primary art interest or not.

The Sculptors Group has been meeting for 22 years and is a vital adjunct of AAG. We meet on the first Monday of the month from September through November and January through May. We hold many of our meetings at AAG but from time to time, we enjoy visiting artist’s studios in and around the valley. Please check back often as the schedule of dates, times and locations of meetings may change.

2018-2019 Sculptors Group Schedule

SEPTEMBER 2, 2019 | 7:00-9:00 pm | Location: Arizona Artists Guild
Danielle Wood – Discussion and Presentation of her Work and Artistic Process

I will be presenting a discussion and brief presentation of my work, showing images of my artwork and the development of its style.  After the presentation, I will be giving a demonstration of how I make my pillow pieces, the process of how I collage and abstract the thrown forms that I make on the potter’s wheel.  I will show some of the textures I like to work with and the steps I take to design a composition.  I will discuss the glazes that I choose and the colors that I am more interested in using for my work.  In my artwork I use my background in painting/drawing to inform the three dimensional work that I sculpt.

Daniellewood7@gmail.com | www.daniellewood.net

October 7, 2019 | 7:00-9:00 pm | Location: 2141 E. Cedar Street, #1, Tempe, AZ 85281  ( near the intersection of the 101 and 202 in Tempe.)
Joan Waters – Discussion and Presentation of her work and artistic process | interactive project

Please wear closed toe shoes.

This evening we’ll explore some of my newest work, which incorporates welded steel, glazed ceramics and reclaimed wood—assemblages of various objects I’ve made and then ‘discovered’ at the studio. We’ll discuss the creative process, beginning with drawing and observing forms in nature, and embracing the unknown and uncertainty as vital parts of the work. With my background in painting and drawing, I see working across different mediums as just another way to work with color, line, texture and positive and negative shapes. I’ll demonstrate some metal processes, such as coloring steel with patinas and the torch, and discuss some of the unique challenges of combining different materials in these constructions. Bring your questions!

If we have time, I’d like to do a 15-minute hands-on exercise where everyone can combine found objects into their own assemblage which they can photograph.


Joan Waters is originally from England, and she earned her BFA at MICA—Maryland Institute College of Art—in a combined drawing/painting/printmaking/sculpture major. She studied African Art with James E. Lewis. After moving to the Valley in 1989, she had a successful graphic design business, and recommitted to her fine art after undergoing treatment for breast cancer. A summer welding class at Mesa Community College turned her on to the plasma cutter and working in welded steel. This led to public art projects with Cities of Phoenix, Chandler and Mesa. and her work is in many public and private collections. She works at her Tempe studio with her dog, Billy.

email: joan@JoanWaters.com | blog:  www.JoanWaters.me  | website:  www.JoanWaters.com  | 602.565.1358  mobile/studio

Monday, November 4, 2019 | 7:00-9:00 pm | Location: Doppler Design – 5448 East Washington St. Suite 5, Phoenix, AZ 85034
Joshua Dopp – Discussion and Presentation of Work and Artistic Process

After an introduction I will show various work in my studio that represents a few of the various bodies of work
I have made over the years. I usually get lots of questions so not really worried about the flow. Plenty to talk

Brief Bio: Joshua Noah Dopp has been working with hot glass for nearly thirty years. As an artist his work takes
many forms. Not content to have a signature style, Joshua is constantly experimenting and allowing the topic and
force of the moment to inspire and inform his work. Trends apparent in his oeuvre include modernistic abstract
bio-morphic forms to highly researched and studied architectural tomes on sacred relationships. The search for
balance and harmony and the revealing of beauty by combining divergent and seemingly opposable themes largely
guide his work. Although he currently lives in Arizona he is a traveler at heart and has lived all over the US and in
Europe. His work has been collected by notable patrons and can be seen in museums.

Joshua received his MFA in Glass and Sculpture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2001,
and a BA in Art History from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1993. Joshua is currently a master l
evel art instructor at the Mesa Arts Center. He has exhibited extensively from Santa Barbara, California to Zurich,

To view his work, please visit www.joshdopp.com  |   joshdopp@gmail.com

Saturday, December 7, 2019 | 10am-12:00pm | Location: The Sculpture Studio LLC. 6051 E. Hidden Valley Drive Suite 4
Cave Creek, AZ 85331

Mark Carroll – Discussion and Presentation of his Work and Artistic Process

Mark will demonstrate the tools and techniques of stone carving. He will talk about the types of stone
for carving, the different types of chisels for hand carving, a demonstration using pneumatic hammers and
chisels, and how to polish stone. Participants are able to try their hand at using the tools and carving.

Mark Carroll has been a professional sculptor for over 30 years. He has a Masters Degree in Art
Education from SUC Buffalo. After teaching high school art for eight years, he left to make a full-time
career as a sculptor and established The Sculpture Studio LLC in East Aurora, NY in 1985. He relocated
his studio to Cave Creek, AZ in 2009.

To view his work or contact Mark directly:  www.thesculpturestudio.com | mark.carroll@thesculpturestudio.com  | Cell: 480-310-4822.

Monday, January 6, 2020 | Jane Kelsey-Mapel | 7:00-9:00 pm | Location: AAG

Jane will present a power point presentation of her work followed by a demonstration of her clay sculpting techniques. There should be time for a short critique of members work afterwards.  Please be sure to bring work for the critique.

Jane Kelsey-Mapel is a Phoenix based artist. She exhibits her ceramic figure sculpture nationally and has had work featured in U.S. and international publications such as “Ceramics Monthly” and “Sculpture” magazine from Bejing, China. Her work is held in numerous public and private collections including the Racine Art Museum, Racine, Wisconsin, the City of Phoenix Collection of Contemporary Arizona Ceramic Art at the Phoenix Airport Museum and the Arizona State University Art Museum Ceramics Research Center.

Jane holds a Master of Fine Arts in Ceramics from the University of North Texas and a Bachelor of Arts in Art from Arizona State University. She has taught both full time and part time at universities and colleges in Texas and Arizona and currently teaches ceramic figure sculpture at the Shemer Art Center and the Mesa Arts Center.

In speaking about her work, Jane says “What really drives my art is a desire to communicate. I’m fascinated by the challenge of transforming an abstract idea into a concrete visual image. I create figures in clay and mixed media with the intention that they transcend the inanimate nature of their materials. I seek to create a psychological presence in each piece that elicits an emotional response from the viewer.”

jane@janekelseymapel.com | http://www.janekelseymapel.com

Monday, February 3, 2020 | 7:00-9:00 pm | 711 N. 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007
Mike Butzine – Discussion and Presentation of his work

Mike Butzine will present an array of different medium sculptures: some large scale festival decor, some
smaller glass pieces, murals, and lastly some neon pieces.  The presentation will go over his involvement in the art scene of Downtown Phoenix along with sharing the Snood City art collective he’s been part of the past 2 years.

BIO: After graduated from the University of Hawaii with a BFA in glass, Michael Butzine got to travel
the world to realize Phoenix, his birthplace, is the place to be as an up and coming artist. With glass as his
medium of choice, he also designs and builds large scale festival decor, curates light based installations, paints
and organizes murals, manages/consults art accounts for corporate businesses, and helps run and organize a quickly growing artist collective called Snood City. You can find him hustlin’ away every first Friday at Snood City Neon with his partner Michelle Meyer on Grand Avenue.

Mike has been a friend to AAG for many years. In addition to participating and presenting at meetings  in the, Mike painted the mural on the North side of AAG.

Monday, March 2, 2020 | 7:00-9:00 pm | Location: 141 W. Hu Esta Dr. Tempe, AZ 85282
Bobby Zokaites  –  Studio Lot 14 | Discussion and Presentation of  Work and Artistic Process

Studio Lot 14, currently we has 4 people working out of the studio, Bobby Zokaites, Melissa Sclafani, Zach Valent and Nick Rascona.   It’s fairly modest, with mostly yard space centered around a stand alone garage which acts as a common shop for the 4 sculptors.  Bobby Zokaites will talk about his process of 2 major public art projects that will be in various sates.  He will discuss the creative process and techniques employed to create the monumental work.  His work is generally botanically inspired, anthropomorphic steel  fabrications – he will demonstrate the metal fabrication of creating his art.

Monday, April 6, 2020 | 7:00-9:00 pm | Location: Arizona Artists Guild
Alexi Divilliars | Discussion and Presentation of  Work and Artistic Process

Alexi will be demonstrating the process of creating a sculpture from a  sheet of metal. During the deomonstration, Alexi will be  making a shark head with teeth wall hanging.  Additionally, Alexi will present a variety of pieces made with the scrap metal.

About Alexi:
Both of my parents are from Cuba. We moved to New York and, later, Florida.  My mother had to stretch every dollar. As I got older I learned to cook. Later,  here in Phoenix, I worked as a cook for the veterans at the Veteran’s hospital.

I noticed the homeless in a park by my house in Tempe, so my wife and I packed  up all of our leftovers and went to the park and fed the homeless there. We started with 24 frozen dinners and cooked them in our oven…then I thought “I can make twice as much food, if I make it myself from scratch”.

I used to make things in south Florida out of cardboard boxes: airplanes, helicopters and different things like that. So creating with the food cans and supplementing  those cans with recycled materials, including Freon tanks, bottle caps, wire and other common objects,  was an obvious next step for me. I create robots, dogs, lamps and other whimsical sculptures. The art stands out because of the different things I make, where the cans  come from and the ultimate goal. All these cans fed somebody who really needed something to eat.

All of the proceeds, from my art, go directly to my making a living, buying food to make meals for the elderly homeless in Phoenix and making art to make more food
for the homeless.

Monday, May 4, 2020 | 7:00-9:00 pm | Location: 24823 N. 45th Drive, Glendale, AZ 85310

Dave will demonstrate wood carving through the use of hand chisels, power chisel, die grinders, small and large. Everyone will get a chance to use all of the tools to make a few cuts, although no finish pieces will be completed.

Born in Albion Michigan, and studied art at Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo Michigan. David received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture, with a minor in Ceramics. David currently resides in Glendale Arizona. David is actively involved with Five15Arts @ Chartreuse, Arizona Clay Club, and the Arizona Artist Guild where he is the Exhibitions VP. David received the Artist of the Year Award for 2015-2016 voted upon by his peers. David exhibits at the Five15Arts @ Chartreuse and competitive and invitational shows. David’s art is shown in 10 to 15 exhibits annually.

David’s inspiration comes from travels, nature, and from places like the Mayan temples, the Chiricahua Mountains, Monument Valley and Kew Gardens, and the list goes on. He is inspired by the shapes, the colors, the movement and the feelings felt while engaging all the great spaces. He conveys the richness of shape, color, and texture into the works of art, and shares the boldness of his experiences into the work for others to engage.

To learn more about Dave, visit his website: https://davidknorr.com

Sculptors’ Group Chair | John Kaskela desertzilla057@gmail.com and Melanie Mead msmead56@gmail.com 

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