AAG Sculptor’s Group

The Sculptors’ Group consists of professional and amateur sculptors working in a variety of media. The Group serves as a forum for sculptors to exchange ideas and technical information about 3-dimensional art. All AAG members are welcome to participate if you are interested in sculpture; whether it is your primary art interest or not.

The Sculptors’ Group has been meeting for 22 years and is a vital adjunct of AAG. We meet on the first Monday of the month from September through November and January through May. We hold many of our meetings in the AAG Building but from time to time, we enjoy visiting artist’s studios in and around the valley. Please check the agenda below often for a schedule of dates, times and locations of meetings, since they will be changing as our agenda evolves.

 For more details about the AAG Sculptors’ Group, contact Douglas Hebert at doctorwooo@cox.net.

SEPTEMBER 4, 2017 | 7:00-9:00 pm | Location: AAG
Dain Q Gore– Discussion and Presentation of his Work
Dain Q. Gore is a current FA at ASU and Phoenix College, having completed his MFA in 2009. Having studied (and lived) End-Times myths of his culture, he presents Bible stories as well as Apocryphal and other controversial philosophies in a humorous way.  His cast of absurd characters shifts between the religious and secular worlds to suit his own vision of a vaguely supernatural realm.

His recent area of interest has included puppetry, emulating the humor and questioning of his paintings in a manic sculptural and often bawdy performance-based setting. He has performed part-time for the Great Arizona Puppet Theater since 2007, having also constructed puppets that performed in his solo shows at Eye Lounge in 2010-2011 and Trunk Space in 2012, as part of the On loaded series for First Friday in Phoenix in 2014, as well Phoenix Comic-Con in 2012-2015.

OCTOBER 2, 2-17 | Time:  7pm to 9pm | Location: 26225 N. 7th Ave, Phoenix, Az (5th Ave & Happy Valley Rd)
Constance McBride– Clay- Discussion and Presentation of her Work
Constance McBride creates works that punctuate the complexity of being human. Her sculptures explore difficult issues related to aging and mortality. Inspired by landscape and the natural world, her work is recently characterized by her use of multiple surface treatments and her sculpting method to create contorted forms rather than images of perfection. Multilayered images emerge in which the fragility and instability of our surely certain reality is questioned.

A native of Philadelphia, PA, she relocated from the East Coast to the Southwest in 2002. Living within 500 feet of the Sonoran Desert Preserve has made a big impact; observing an ever changing terrain continues to inform her research.

McBride’s work is featured in the international platform Ceramics Now and is included in the publication Paper clay Art and Practice by Rosette Gault.  Most recently, it’s been displayed in The Clay Studio National in Philadelphia, PA and in Beyond The Brickyard, at the Archie Bray Foundation for Ceramic Arts in Helena, MT. She is a recipient of several awards including a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts and most recently an emerging artist grant from Contemporary Forum, a support organization of the Phoenix Art Museum (PAM) with an exhibit from June through September, 2017. She was named one of the 100 Creatives by Phoenix New Times in 2014 and the publication named her solo exhibition “Place out of Time” one of the 10 best art shows in Phoenix in 2015. McBride received a Bachelor of Arts from Arcadia University in Glenside, PA. She teaches ceramic classes at Shemer Art Center in Phoenix and is a board member of Artlink, Inc. a nonprofit organization bringing together artists, business and the community through a variety of art related events.  She is a past board member and Sculptors’ Group chair of AAG.

NOVEMBER 6, 2017 | 7pm to 9pm | Location:  Desert Dragon Pottery, 25037 N. 17th Ave, Phoenix, AZ, 85035
John Manley –  Clay-Discussion and Presentation of his Work Demonstration on large (thrown) vessels
John Manley has been creating his unique style of functional pottery, world class sculptural vessels, and a prolific assortment of kiln designs since 1988


DECEMBER 4, 2017 | 7pm to 9pm | Location:  Dessadog Studio, 1410 W. Guadalupe Rd., Bldg. 1, Suite 103, Gilbert, AZ, 85233
Beth Shook– Drawing on Clay:  Discussion and Presentation of her Work
Born on Christmas Eve, 1963 in Jeanette, Pennsylvania. Shook still considers herself a native of the southwest, having lived her most reckless and influential years in El Paso, Texas. Growing up in El Paso, she discovered a love for history, culture, the border and the desert.

Shook attended the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP); initially majoring in English literature and fine arts. Just eighteen hours shy of completion, she dropped the English degree for lack of time and money. Shook earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from UTEP in 1985. Under the instruction of the most accomplished professors, Shook developed skills as a craftsman, found a love for clay and a near obsession with the drawn line. That drawing obsession turned to compulsion as the clay became the canvas during graduate school at Arizona State University (ASU). Her brief exposure to printmaking processes as an undergraduate would work it’s way into her clay. Indeed, that near complete English degree didn’t go to waste as my work became increasingly more narrative. Those lines developed into images. The images led to stories. She received her Masters of Fine Arts in ceramics from ASU in 1990.

Shook is motivated by her faith in Jesus Christ and the point at which it intersects with life. Though sometimes appearing disconnected, they create one story – autobiographic, adopted into herlife, hernarrative. Each encounter elicits a reaction to communicate to others. Because she’s assured that her world view is not singular, her narrative becomes allegory. She invites others to join the story, fully aware of potential conflict and distance as well as comfort and familiarity.

Shook continues to draw on clay, whether compulsively or obsessively, to tell her story. There is nothing better than to share your story in such a way as to find connection with another person, to come to some level of understanding.

JANUARY 8, 2018 | 7pm to 9pm | Location: 24823 N. 45th Drive, Glendale, AZ 85310
Dave Knorr – Mixed Media-Discussion and Presentation of his Work and Arizona Artists Guild Sculpture Group CRITIQUE!
I create ceramic and wood sculptures as an expression of my interest in nature, antiquities and social issues. I enjoy seeing what nature has provided, I am a student of our environment; social, historical and natural. My works express my point of view, and while some works address social concerns, it is with historic perspective that I try to provide gravity to the issues of the day. Many of my inspirations come from nature and history, I am constantly inspired by cultural remains like the Mayan temples, Greek and Roman historic sites. I also respond to nature and what the earth provides for our existence, places like the Butchart gardens, Kew Gardens, Chiricahua Mountains, Monument Valley to name a few. In my work, I want to convey the richness, meaning and values that I feel are essential for a meaningful existence.

I pull from my experiences and inspirations to create the building blocks that become the compete artwork. I see shape and form in nature which repeats, and I have taken this influence and utilize it throughout my work. My building blocks are sometimes architectural and industrial, as if they are a component of something larger. Other building blocks are organic and flow throughout the space they occupy. In all of the blocks, they combine elements of Industrial, Architectural and Organic influences. They become the surface for varying textures to stimulate the tactical senses, and are transformed thru the use of color.

I have chosen to show the works as a totem, to convey in each piece the impact of the form with; power, stature, and presence. As I continue to explore and develop my art, I introduce new experiences into my art and challenge myself to grow the body of works. As I response to my environment and surroundings, it will drive the narrative of my future work. Some of the works will be more aggressive, some will be more serene. My wish is for the viewer to stop and enjoy the works and interpret their life experiences thru my Totem’s.

Group Critique:
There will be a sculpture group critique at the studio of Dave Knorr in which every member of the sculpture group is encouraged to participate.  If you would like to have your own work critiqued by the group, bring a three dimensional piece to this meeting for our first sculpture group critique.  It will take place after Dave’s discussion and Presentation on his work.

FEBRUARY 4, 2018 | 7pm to 9pm | AAG
Tom Bollinger – Metal and Fabrication- Discussion and Presentation of his Work

Tom Bollinger is a visual artist, living and working near Phoenix, Arizona. Born in North Dakota. Bollinger is a self-described “Sculptor”. He is inspired by his observations and life experiences and inspired by what he describes as the “hoped for..” in humanity. Bollinger seeks, by way of his exploration, to discover what is beneath the surface of what we are and what we see.

What is this connection to the universe?  “My work ultimately evolves to forms that are upward and optimistic… And in the center of all of this is my belief that there is something greater than “the us” a force… a drive, the driven.”



MARCH 5, 2018* | 7-9pm Sculpture Critique
    Note: Carole Perry– Glass- Empty Bowls Project – has been cancelled.

Participants are invited to bring a finished sculpture or a work in progress for critique and feedback.



APRIL 2, 2018 | 7pm to 9pm | Location:  Joan Waters Studio, 2141 E. Cedar St, Suite 1, Tempe, AZ, 85281
Joan Waters – Metal- Discussion and Presentation of her Work and Demonstration of her Process
Joan Waters earned her BFA from The Maryland Institute, College of Art, where she studied African art with Prof. James E. Lewis. She is originally from England, and grew up on the East coast of the U.S. In her childhood she travelled to the Caribbean many times with her family, where she developed the love of saturated tropical colors which are seen in her art. These travels exposed her to foreign cultures, and helped her cultivate the habit of looking at the world from different perspectives. This is reflected in her art in the use positive/negative shapes which play with shifting figure/ground relationships.

Waters’ paintings and metal sculptures suggest the energies and forms of nature without directly depicting natural scenes. By concentrating her will and energy into the materials, the work attains a visceral power and vibration of its own.

In 1989, Ms. Waters moved to Phoenix, Arizona where the abundance of light and feeling of spaciousness were integrated into her large abstract acrylic paintings. At age 34, breast cancer surgery and six months of chemotherapy forced Ms. Waters to take time off in order to get well; during this period of introspection, a re-examination of priorities led to her decision to commit more time to painting and drawing, and to exhibit her work more often. A welding class at Mesa Community College introduced Waters to the challenges of working in steel.

Ms. Waters exhibits her work extensively in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area and on the East Coast, and her work is in numerous public and private collections. Recent commissions include public art for City of Chandler, City of Phoenix, Mesa Permanent Sculpture Collection, Mesa Community College, Copper Sun Child Center and Burton Barr Central Library. Waters was guest curator of the Herberger Theater Gallery for the 2007 season. The artist welcomes commissions and enjoys the synergy of the collaborative process.

MAY 7, 2018 | 7:00-9:00 Pm | Location: Paradise Valley Community College | D Building | 18407 N. 32nd St. | Phoenix AZ 85023
Raku Firing with David L Bradley and Doug Hebert


David Bradley davlbradly@gmail.com | Doug Hebert doctorwooo@cox.net
You must arrive by 7 to glaze your piece so there will be time for it to dry and be fired before 9pm.




Sculptors’ Group Chair | Douglas Hebert | doctorwooo@cox.net
pictured  GIRAFFE | 2′ x 9″ s 2′ | $1500

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