February Happenings


February is a busy month here at AAG. APAA will host a week-long workshop beginning the 12th. Open Studio on Monday morning and Wednesday night has been suspended for the week. Life Drawing will be held in the small studio.

The monthly Social Media Demystified workshop will be held on Feb 2. Subsequent sessions will be held March 9, April 13, and May 4, 2018. These 3-hour sessions are designed to address real-life scenarios navigating social media. Topics will vary due to the needs of the attendees. Bring your device and marketing ideas. This is an informal way to learn how to market your business and expand your reach through Instagram and Facebook. Due to the hands-on nature of the class, space is limited, so preregistration is required. Direct questions to info@ArizonaArtistsGuild.net.

Additionally, I will be repeating the ‘Selling from the H.E.A.R.T.’ in a two-day workshop on March 2 & 23, 2018, from 10:00 to 1:00 PM. Chock full of invaluable information from my 30+ years as a gallerist, and an artist. From both sides of the fence I can provide real life lessons and teachings designed to help you sell your work, either to the public or to galleries. Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or concerns about whether this workshop is for you.

Due to bronchitis, David Bradley postponed his presentation scheduled in January. Don’t miss this moving and enlightening presentation on the art and artists of the Balkans. We don’t necessarily think of this region as an art mecca, and I have been surprised to learn about this vibrant and creative corner of our world. This is one not to be missed. Thankfully, Travis Ivey was flexible in his schedule, filling in for David in January. Travis gave an insightful presentation on his diverse art practice. Competent in plein air, mixed media collage, and as an experimental artist, Travis’ ability and skill in these diverse mediums and expressions is outstanding. After the meeting, several in attendance shared how inspiring it had been. Travis will be offering a workshop in March, Painting from Photographs. This is a great opportunity to pick his brain about his practice and approach to art. Be sure to check him out on our website, his website, or on social media to learn more about him.

There are many opportunities to increase your in­volvement at AAG that don’t require a huge time com­mitment. If you want to be involved, but don’t have much time to devote, perhaps some of these opportu­nities may be right for you. Below is a list with a brief description:

AAA liaison: attend monthly meetings, with a written summary for newsletter.
Director: this is a board position, attend monthly meetings with primary role as providing counsel and information; a stepping stone to deeper in­volvement in leadership at AAG.
Workshop chair: coordinate 3 to 4 workshops per year.
Artstravaganza chair: for 2018-2019: event organizer. The blueprint for the event has been established, so you are not reinventing the wheel.
President for 2019-2020: ok, so this one has a big time commitment.

Gratitude has been on my mind lately-the act of hav­ing gratitude for others and events, but also the act of receiving other’s gratitude. As artists, receiving grati­tude from others is a part of the exchange of making art. Are you able to take in gratitude when it is sent your way?

Have a wildly creative month.


Tess Mosko Scherer
President, Arizona Artists Guild
928-300-7185 | info@ArizonaArtistsGuild.net

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