October President’s Message

Tess Mosko Scherer with student members of the World Academy for the Future of Women

Happy October.

This is my favorite month. It’s funny.  I don’t have a favorite color, or a favorite food. Or any of the typical things people would favor.  However, I love the fall.  I was born in the fall.  When I was young, I felt like it was ‘my’ time of year – made especially for me.  It was the time of year that nestled me close.  When the natural world was preparing for slumber, I was somehow revitalized.  The cool air, the crunch of the leaves underfoot, and the warmth of woolen sweaters seemed to reinvigorate and induce an introspective moodiness that ignited me creatively.  This is still my most productive time of year.

And it seems to be the same for AAG.  We are back after summer’s reprieve and everything seems to be in full swing.  Members are busily working in their studios preparing for the upcoming exhibits, planning that had taken place over the summer is set into motion, and connections are rekindled and deepened.

I have been thinking about change.  I will be moving in a few weeks. There is an uncertainty as I write this. Change. Something new. Unfamiliar.  Different than what I am used to.  What does Change mean to me?  And what does it mean for AAG? None of us are exempt from change. Change is exhilarating and terrifying depending on the circumstances and perspective.  Above all, it is inevitable.  None of us want to stagnate, yet we most-often avoid change, or don’t notice the subtle changes around us and within our relationships, until it feels unfamiliar, foreign, or uncertain.

You are wondering why I am sharing this. I’m a fan of personal inquiry. As artists, we do this with our work. But are we observant of our practice?  I invite you to question the change/s you see in your studio – in your artistic practice – to delve into self-inquiry:  How are you showing up? Are you taking time for your artistic practice? Are you complacent in your work?  Are you challenging yourself? And if so, how far outside of your comfort zone are you going – or willing to go?  How has your work changed over the years? How have you changed because of it?

Nancy Christy-Moore will be joining us on October 16.  She delves into the subconscious in her art and her artistic practice. I am looking forward to her presentation and what it stirs within all of us.  Her workshop in March is sure to ignite and inspire.

Speaking of workshops, I will be presenting Selling from the H.E.A.R.T. on Oct 5 & 26. As artists, we are entrepreneurs working for ourselves.  This workshop is a great way to tap into that part of yourself and flex that muscle that most artists are uncomfortable with: the business side of themselves and their art. If reading this makes you uncomfortable, then this workshop is for you.

I look forward to seeing you during the month at the many activities at AAG.

Onward with grace,


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